Animationand Motion Design

Vitality and an ‘I don’t give a damn- try it’ Quality

— Wolfgang Reitherman

Agency Work

Virbac Tick
Virbac Cat


In summer 2019 the company PlantaCorp GmbH contacted me and asked if I could help with an animated image film in which an anthropromorphic bull should play the leading role.

I got the chance to create a short teaser animation for Jan Philipp Burgard’s book “Ausgeträumt, Amerika?”, published by the Rowohlt Verlag GmbH in 2018.


The short film “Durststrecke” (eng. Lean Period) was created as a submission for the 99 Fire Film Awards, where young creatives get 99 hours to produce a 99 second short film. Thereby we received the topic at the beginning of said 99 hours:
— Create Your Own Path

Featuring Manuela Eden Schaadt, Marcel Peters
Created by Julian Strunck, Marcel Peters, Manuela Eden Schaadt
Editing and VFX by Julian Strunck
Music Composed by Julian Strunck

Mosquito 3D model from BlendSwap
(Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)

Featuring Ruby Meschke
Directed by Julian Strunck, Marc Brummund
Produced by Christian Kalusky, Paula Kacprzak, Julian Strunck
Director of Photography: Christian Kalusky, Matthias Bolliger
Edited by Christian Kalusky
Music Composed by Julian Strunck
Visual Effects by Julian Strunck, Tom Böhl
Set Runners: Mareike Schröder, Hanna Runge, Tom Böhl

The correct german translation for the animal crab is “Krebs”.
However, this word also stands for Cancer (which is actually a latin term referring to a genus of marine crabs). Hence “Knack den Krebs” (Crack the Crab) is a metaphoric wordplay encouraging people to defeat cancer.

These commercials have been created for Fördergemeinschaft Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg e.V.

Logo Animation