The correct german translation for the animal crab is "Krebs".
However, this word also stands for Cancer (which is actually a latin term referring to a genus of marine crabs).
Hence "Knack den Krebs" (Crack the Crab) is a metaphoric wordplay encouraging people to defeat cancer.

These commercials have been created for Fördergemeinschaft Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg e.V.

Some sheets of the final storyboard

Featuring Ruby Meschke
Directed by Julian Strunck, Marc Brummund
Produced by Christian Kalusky, Paula Kacprzak, Julian Strunck
Director of Photography: Christian Kalusky, Matthias Bolliger
Edited by Christian Kalusky
Music Composed by Julian Strunck
Visual Effects by Julian Strunck, Tom Böhl
Set Runners: Mareike Schröder, Hanna Runge, Tom Böhl
Film and Storyboard Comparison
Have a closer look at the rough beginning next to the final product.
See how it's been done:
The entire CGI was created in Blender using a professional mesh of an Atlantic Blue Crab and PBR shading techniques.
Animation, Lighting and Compositing: Julian Strunck
Camera Tracking and Matchmoving: Tom Böhl
Crab model and textures purchased at
Face Art
The film below has been created by Mareike Schröder and Hanna Runge.
I was allowed to write a few notes of inspirational music for this visual masterpiece.